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Pentruder announce their new range of Wall Saw blades

Pentruder Diamond Wall Saw Blade

Pentruder are proud to announce the launch of our new range of  Pentruder WallSaw blades.  Titled simply “The Pentruder Wall Saw Blade” this iconic blade is something to behold and has exceeded all of our expectations in both the initial testing and secondary field trial stages.

The blade has been designed with the operator in mind and is a collaboration of all of our Diamond Concrete Cutting knowledge to result in, what we believe to be, the most versatile range of blades of all time.

 The blade is supplied in all UK standard sizes and utilises laser welding to ensure that this blade is not just tough, its pretty near indestructible.  The asymmetrical segments have been developed with our own unique diamond composition to ensure dependable, free and efficient cutting giving the operator not just an extremely long blade life but one with a fast cut, regardless of the target aggregates or rebar orientation.  As an added bonus our blades do not rely on Cobalt or Nickel in their formula like many others to minimise health risks to the operator and the environment.

 Remember that in addition to the standard blade sizes (600/800/1000/1200) which are ready for next day dispatch we are also able to offer a bespoke blade made to order using our unique Diamond composition – the ultimate in user control.

 Our Pentruder Wall Saw Blade’s are available today – give our sales team a call to discuss your requirements and benefit from our introductory offer.

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