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Diamond Wire

Diamond Wire


To compliment the vast array of Wire Cutting equipment that Pentruder currently supply we have, following extensive research and development, completed testing on our own patent pending PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE.

PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE exceeded all expectations during testing and with a Diameter of just 10.5mm but a staggering diamond ratio of 40BPM PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE has out-cut all existing products currently in the market place.

No longer will you be left choosing between finicky and expensive wires for specific applications only to be let down with poor performance or resilience. Our PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE combines multiple technologies to enable fast and free cutting on the whole range of applications – one wire – all aggregates.

But please don’t think this is a compromise. We have tuned, honed and further refined our PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE over many months of staged testing to ensure that our customers get the best possible product to compliment their PENTRUDER WIRE SAW regardless of the application. This is going to transform the way you use your equipment.

PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE has been specifically designed to run through the entire range of PENTRUDER WIRE SAWS which are built to be the most rugged and efficient on the market. Although our PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE might fit in an inferior wire saw we highly recommend that only PENTRUDER branded equipment is used in its application. We have made it blue so its easily identifiable.

PENTRUDER ULTIMATE DIAMOND WIRE is available to order NOW, please ring for our best prices and latest offers.